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Sistemi integrati VoloIdeal for

Body shops 
Repair shops 
Industrial plants 
Car dealers 
Automotive equipment

Tutta l'energia che serve, dove serve, quando serve. Volo Sistemi Integrati
Photos :
industrial plants - bodywork plants - plants for machine shops and car dealers - plants for welding smoke suction - plants for fluid dispenser - plants for compressed air

• plants for welding smoke suction
- conduit sliding systems
- conduit sliding systems with lighting
- fixed system with upstream stripping and roller canalized batteries
- fixed system with stripper coupled with the roller
- conduit sliding equalizers with lighting
- systems for overhaul lines with lighting

We can design and implement any type of plant to solve problems related to exhaust gases.
Our special solutions allow us to integrate premises lighting to exhaust gas suction

Contact us directly, we will solve any specific problem or requirement

     conduit sliding systems (suggested by Volo)

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